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Prati di Mugnano

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Type: Bed & Breakfast
Holiday Themes: Campagna
B&B manager: Luciano Marchi
Visitor: 7832
City, Province and Zip: Bologna   (Bologna)   40068
Address: Via Vizzano, 6
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   Accommodation and Prices:
Room numbers:
Beds rooms:
Prices per person: min  €: 65
Prices per person: max €: 75
Prices double rooms:    min  €: 75
Prices double rooms:   max €: 85
Prices triple rooms: min  €: 85
Prices triple rooms: max €: 95
Weekly prices: min  €: 450
Weekly prices: max €: 600
    Map Prati di Mugnano
Map Information: Bed and Breakfast "Prati di Mugnano" – Address: Via Vizzano 6, 40037, Sasso Marconi (BO). The B&B is located within the Natural Rural Park “Prati di Mugnano” in front of the namesake restaurant. It is 20 minutes away from the city centre and only 5 minutes from the highway (Autostrada A1- first exit “Sasso Marconi” on the Bologna/Florence route).
    Photos Prati di Mugnano